Leadership Stockton


Since 1981, Leadership Stockton has promoted and fostered the development of leaders in the Greater Stockton area. Leadership Stockton is the first leadership program in California. Leadership Stockton is one of more than 1,000 leadership development programs through the United States.

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Employer Commitment

Participants in Leadership Stockton must have the support and commitment of their employer, if not self-employed. This ensures the employee will be able to fulfill the program requirements.

Program Goals

Identify and bring together men and women of Stockton who welcome the opportunity to expand their involvement in community affairs and are willing to assume leadership positions. Enhance the participant's knowledge of and commitment to the Greater Stockton area to make their involvement in community affairs more effective. Develop and form friendships that will benefit their professional and volunteer careers. Promote active involvements by the participants in a wide range of civic and community affairs. Stimulate a common understanding among the various social and economic groups of the forces and trends affecting the development of the community and enhance the ability of these groups to work together for the advancement of the Greater Stockton area. Facilitate and exchange viewpoints and varied experiences among all participants in the program, thereby expanding communication among the most active and involved members of the community.

Program Overview

Leadership Stockton is an 11-month program dedicated to providing participants with an understanding of our region's history, diversity, justice system, politics, government, economy, education, human services, and health care. Participants are also involved in addressing the needs of our community through hands-on service projects. The program year consists of one full day a month (August - June) and an overnight retreat in September. The year ends in June with an evening graduation. Leadership Stockton participants embark on a journey that puts them in touch with the Greater Stockton community, as well as each other, and develops their personal leadership skills. Various perspectives are presented through the use of expert panelists, tours and simulation activities. In addition, the "hands-on service projects" focus on solutions to real community problems. Each project is designed to bring about positive community change, as well as teach the participants about the value of setting and achieving goals.

Student Selection

A representative group of approximately 26 participants will be selected annually. Area businesses, public and private agencies, civic groups, and other organizations are asked to identify and sponsor individuals with leadership potential for the Leadership Stockton program. Candidates are chosen to represent a rich diversity of backgrounds, which facilitates personal interaction within the group and increases understanding and knowledge of Stockton. Participants are chosen from written applications and personal interviews by a selection committee. Leadership Stockton is open to all individuals, regardless of creed, race, age, philosophy, or disability.

Graduation to Involvement

After Graduation, Leadership Stockton participants are ready to begin their roles as involved leaders through demonstrated community activities and continual support of the Leadership program. Graduates are encouraged to continue their participation by joining the Leadership Stockton Alumni Association.

Tuition Funding

Leadership Stockton is a non-profit program of the Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce. The program is supported by tuitions, contributions from area organizations, local businesses and the Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce. The tuition for 2022-2023 is $2,000 per participant. To encourage personal dedication to the Leadership Stockton program, all participants are required to pay the first $200 of the tuition fee. Partial scholarships are also available.

Participant Commitment

In order for Leadership Stockton to accomplish its stated goals, the full participation of each individual is necessary. Participation requirements include:
  • Mandatory attendance at the Orientation Session (August 2010), the Leadership Dynamics (August 2014) and the two-day Retreat (September 2014).
  • Attend three meetings from a given list of boards, commissions and councils representing various city, county and non-profit agencies.
  • Participate in a hands-on community project.
  • More than one absence during the program year will result in deletion from the program with no tuition refund. Late arrival or partial attendance at any session in excess of two occurrences will result in deletion from the program and no refund.